Daisy-Chain Bracelet

So here are the materials you will need to make this bracelet. I recommend 30 beads of two colors and 10 of a third, but you can increase or decrease the length of your bracelet by augmenting the number of each color by 3/3/1. Also some scissors, cord, and glue. These aren't my first choice in colors, but this bracelet is being made as a request. The choice is of course up to you.

String 3 beads each of your main colors 5 times so you have a total of 10 3-bead groups as shown and tie it off. glue the knot if you like.  

Now you guide the string through the first bead in one of your 3-bead groups and put one of the beads you have 10 of on the string. 

Now skip one bead and take the string through the next two. The string should now be coming out of the first bead in the next group of three. 

Repeat this step with the other 9 beads to make it all the way around. 

When you've made it all the way around, take the string through the first center bead you strung to begin the next row. 

String on two beads to match the colors below them and then take the string through the next center bead as shown. 

Continue this process around the bracelet, paying attention to which colors you are stringing to match the colors under them. 

To finish off the row when you get to the end, simply restring through the first two beads of the row you just strung. You should be in position to string a bead above the center bead. 

String one bead to close off the first "daisy" and then string it through the set of two right after it as shown. Repeat this around the bracelet.

Now you see your daisy-chain coming together. When you get to the end, just string it through a few extra beads at the end and then tie it off. 

Your finished project should look something like this. Enjoy! 

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